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Scope of application

/ 美纹纸 / 双面胶 / 牛皮纸 / 布基等胶带之裁切 Suitable for cutting PVC / OPP / foam / textured paper / double-sided tape / kraft paper / fabric tape

Technical Parameters

小管芯) Maximum cutting diameter: 150mm ( 220mm small die)

Maximum cutting length: 1300mm ( 1600mm )

Inner diameter of paper tube: 25.4-76.2mm

Cutting width: 2—1300mm ( 1600mm )

Main drive motor: 5HP

Cutter driving motor: 3HP * 6P ( servo motor )

Cutter diameter: 150—350mm

Cutting speed: 360—870rpm

Weight: 1450KG

Machine size: 2850 * 1300 * 1460mm

Due to continuous improvement of product design, the above information is for reference only and is subject to change without notice.

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